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Movies from some Performances

Here You can follow us through the years, from the very first performance when we were 'green' and up until today, after the General Skill classes with Carolena Nericcio herself and Teachers Certifications. We are, of course, still learning and evolving. We hope you enjoy the show!

Umeå Dance Festival 2014

We performed at the yearly Dance Festival in Umeå 2014.

(April 5th, 2014 Umeå)

The Glass House

We performed in the Glass House on several occasions during summer, fall and winter 2012. The Glass House is part of Umeå being the Capital of Culture 2014. For more information please look here.

Kulturnatta 2014

We performed at Kulturnatta 25th of May 2014. We had a good time and the audience was really great.

Mörkerdans 2011

We participated in a show called Mörkerdans (Dance of Darkness) - Where words are missing, the body speaks. It took place at Scen Saga. This is not a typical ATS-setting. ATS is usually a lot more upbeat and happy in it's ways.

(November 12, 2011 Umeå)

Gammlia Song Festival 2011

We had the honor of dancing with a local band named Mullin Mallin at this festival.

(August 26, 2011 Umeå)

Umefolk 2011

One of our first performances. A lot has happened since then ;-)

(February 26, 2011 Umeå)

Umeå Dance Festival 2012

This is a yearly event in which we have  participated the last two years. Even though everything in this video isn't pure ATS® it still shows what ATS®​ is all about - joy and partnership.

(March 24, 2012 Umeå)

Having Fun

We made some movies at Scen Saga, hanging out just enjoying ourselves.

(March 24, 2012 Umeå)

Slow Moves

Our Tribe Leader Katarina opens this number with a solo. Then Jenny and Madeleine joins in. The slow moves doesn't follow the beat in the music only the rhythm of it.

(March 24, Umeå 2012)

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