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Performance Dates​​

If you'd like us to perform at your event, feel free to contact us.

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Old Gigs
June 2nd
Summer wedding.
June 17th
Summer wedding.
December 8th
Feministic Advent.
July 8th
Summer wedding.


Umeå Dancefestival


December 4

We performed at All Stars for Arbetsförmedlingen, Umeå.


November 2

We danced at Psykeveckan, in Umeå.


Augusti 23

We performed at Mariehemsdagarna in Umeå.


April 11

We performed at Umeå Dance Festival.




November 23

We danced at Väven, the grand opening in Umeå.


August 30th

We performed in Bullmark at the festival.


July 12th

We performed at the Medieval Days in Luleå.


May 24th

We performed at Kulturnatta in Umeå.


April 6th

We performed at the Dancefestival in Umeå



February 21st

We performed at Umefolk in Umeå.


​November 4th

We performed at the Grand Opening of Psyche Week in Umeå.


October 26

We performed at the Autumn Dance - Medieval Community Umeå (UMA). Held in Brattby.


October 6

We performed at the Relatives Day in Sävar.


August 11

We performed at Nolia in Umeå.


June 15

We performed at Mariehemsdagarna in Umeå.


June 8

We performed at the Glass House in Umeå.


Kulturnatta 2013

We performed three times during this event in Umeå.


March 23

We performed at Umeå Dance Festival at Folkets Hus.

March 21

We danced at a dinner party for Geriatric Center at Äpplet, Umeå.

March 19

We performed at the Fire festival, Persian New Year (Eid Nourouz), Umeå.

March 17

We performed at Feministiskt forum at the University of Umeå.

March 16

We danced at restaurant Kungsgatan 133 (former Restaurant Pasta)

February 22

We danced at Umefolk. Music by Mullin Mallin and Svensk Peppar.

We will perform together with Mullin Mallin and Svenska Peppar.

January 19

We sponsored a Vaudeville Show at Sagateatern in Umeå.

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