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ATS® Classes

ATS® Beginners Class​​​​

In spring 2020 we will arrange a beginners class at Balettakademien in Umeå. This class will be lead by Katarina Klingberg.

Time: Tuesday evenings at 18:30-19:30.

Date: 4th of February to 12th of May

Apply here: clicky

​Note: You do not have to perform when taking ATS® classes.


ATS® Advanced Class​​​​

No advanced classes at this point.
*At least one year experience taking ATS® Classes is needed before taking this Class.

Dress Code for Classes

A tight top, a long wide skirt and a colorful scarf around the hips. The scarf is supposed to accentuate your hip movement. If you don't have a skirt you can of course take pants that are comfortable.




We have two certified ATS® teachers: Our director Katarina Klingberg (to the right on the photo), and Jenny Tegman.




ATS® Gear

There are many different groups of ATS®-dancers around the world but they all got their inspiration for their outfits from the same areas: the Orient, India, North Africa and Spain - which also is the origin for the dance in itself. The impression is powerfull and dramatic, often with big jewelry and strong colorful decorations and make-up. Typical elements of clothing are:


Choli: a short tight top where you can see the belly. A Choli can have long or short sleeves.


Skirt: a full length 25 yard skirt with colors that contrast each other, preferably several layers.


Harem Pants: Under the skirt(s) it's common that one have Harem Pants.


Belt or Scarf: around the waist a Belt or Scarf to accent the hips. The belt is decorated with colorful embroidery and tassels. It can also have coins and certain jewelry. The Scarf usually has a trim of fringes.


Feet: Barefoot.


Zills: The dancers have finger cymbals called Zills. This to give a better effect of the rhythm when dancing, or when one is dancing without music.

Hair: Usually put up in some way decorated with colorful flowers and a decorated hair band.

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