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Midnattssol (Midnightsun) is a Swedish dance group that dances ATS®, American Tribal Style® Bellydance. The group is founded and directed by Katarina Klingberg who had a vision about forming an ATS® Tribe. She started to teach a group of gifted students 2010. During that year the group took shape and by spring 2011 the Tribe was ready to perform. It consisted a total of six members - Katarina, Madeleine, Ida, Anna, Sandra and Jenny. During spring 2012 we got two more members, Jessica and Ylva. And winter 2012/2013 the gifted Sofie joined us.

At present day and Jenny is taking a break and Madelaine has moved and started a solo career.

Midnattssol represents the worlds most Northern FCBD® Sister Studio. We are dedicated to follow the original traditions and steps of ATS® to honor the founder of this dance style, Fat Chance Belly Dance® director and master teacher Carolena Nericcio.

In fall 2012 we, Midnattssol, formed another dance group called Misty Moon. When we perform as Misty Moon we dance fusion bellydance and take inspiration from a broad variety of dances. Everything between old fashioned burlesque and charleston to modern tribal fusion and ATS. For more information please look here.


We love to perform and dance so if you are looking for something festive, upbeat and entertaining for your pub, wedding, party, gathering, or something a like, please  don't hesitate to contact us.

We can dance in a small area, 3×3 meters with two dancers if need be. It's perfect for 'cafe-dancing'.

If you are interested in dancing ATS® you are welcome to send us an email or sign up for classes.

Let the show begin!



American Tribal Style Bellydance, ATS®


American Tribal Style Belly Dance® (ATS®) is a modern style of dance created by FatChanceBellyDance® director Carolena Nericcio. It's a powerfull dance that's festive and happy. It got influences from Flamenco, the Orient, India and Oriental Dance.

The dance is improvised and usually not choreographed. One takes turn being the leader through the whole show. There are a number of different steps/moves and the current leader shows the next move with different cues. For more Information please look here.

The Tribal Code


Commitment: Be there for your dance sisters. Whether it's making sure your cues are strong or being to a gig on time, we all need to depend on one another.

Ask your questions and learn from more senior dancers. Also, don't let things fester. Express yourself in a constructive, respectful way.

Teflon: Don't take things personally!! There are too many unique individuals in this group to avoid minor misunderstandings. Let things slide off your ego, don't let things stick.

Patience: There will always be more opportunities to dance. If you don't get to dance in one gig, you'll get another one. We all have to wait our turn.

Humility: We all can benefit from going to Basics class and working on technique.

Dance for the love of it. Enjoy yourself and the company of others.

Generosity: What's more tribal than sharing? Make-up, scarves, dancing tips, good advice. get the idea.

Trust: This incredible dance form is founded on trust, on and off the dance floor. Earn people's trust and give yours as well.

Support: Drop in at shows. Not only does it support the dancers; it is a great way to learn about performance.


Working it: Use dance classes to rehearse your show persona. Learn how to milk the slow stuff and sass-up the fast; and how to command the audience's attention and keep it.


FatChanceBellyDance, FCBD, ATS and American Tribal Style, are federally registered trademarks of FatChanceBellyDance, Inc.

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